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Veterinarian: $185

In order to be eligible for a full membership, applicants must have graduated from a Veterinary College maintaining course of instruction approved by the Council on Education of the American Veterinary Medical Association, be a foreign graduate of ECFVG, or hold a faculty license at an accredited school of veterinary medicine. 

Veterinary Student: $25

Veterinary Support Staff: $50

Life Member:

  • Upon application to the Executive Board, and with its approval, life membership may be granted to:
  • A member who has maintained membership for 20 years.
  • A member who has reached 65 years of age, has retired, and has been a member of the Association continuously since graduation from veterinary college.
  • A member who has retired due to infirmity. For this purpose, a retired member is one who has ceased all regular employment, and whose annual earnings from occasional professional activity or other employment do not exceed the maximum earnings limit established by the U.S. Government to remain qualified for social security retirement benefits.

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